World Environment Day 2024

On June 5, 2024, P.G. Department of Forestry and Department of Plant Science celebrated Environmental Day in collaboration with the Pappiniseri Panchayat and the Biodiversity Club of MVRILSRS. The celebration focused on environmental conservation, community engagement, and hands-on activities that promoted sustainable practices.

The celebration began with a visit to the MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) supported nursery in the Pappiniseri Panchayat. Students from the Department of Forestry and Plant Science had the opportunity to learn about various plant species, their cultivation processes, and the importance of nurseries in environmental conservation. The visit provided an educational experience that emphasized the significance of local nurseries in promoting biodiversity and supporting reforestation efforts.

Inauguration of Sapling Distribution
Following the nursery visit, a formal inauguration ceremony for sapling distribution was held. The event was graced by key officials from the Pappiniseri Panchayat, MVRILSRS representatives, and faculty members of the Department of Forestry and Plant Science. During the inauguration, speeches highlighted the importance of tree planting in combating climate change and enhancing ecological balance. Students were then given plant saplings, marking the start of a larger tree-planting initiative.

Clean-up at Parakkal Boat Jetty
In a continued effort to promote environmental stewardship, students and volunteers proceeded to the Parakkal Boat Jetty for a clean-up drive. This activity involved removing litter and debris from the area, which not only improved the aesthetic appeal but also protected local aquatic ecosystems from pollution.

The collaboration with Pappiniseri Panchayat and MVRILSRS highlighted the importance of collective action in addressing environmental issues.

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