First Annual Sports Meet 2024 ‘Sportacular Spectacle’


The sports develop discipline, the spirit of sportsmanship and include the spirit of leadership among students. MVR institute of Life Science and Research Studies, held first annual sports meet 2024 ‘Sportacular Spectacle’ on 16th Feb 2024. The sports meet began with a welcome speech by Dr. Sangeeth.K.P (Vice Principal of MVRILSRS). Dr. Geethanandan.K (Principal of MVRILSRS) presided over the function. Inaugural speech delivered by Prof.E.Kunhiraman (Chairman of MVRILSRS) and officially inaugurated the sports meet.

Considering the concept of ‘ Sports for all’ throughout the entire session, we organised inter – department tournaments. The sports track events were started which include football and cricket (both girls and boys). There was a healthy sense of competition among students. Thus ended the sports meet of MVRILSRS, which was a day of great excitement.

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