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Renowned visionary and social leader Late. Sri. M.V.Raghavan with his commitment to human welfare and social development through education established Visha Chikilsa Kendram at Pappinisseri, Kannur in 1964. MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies, established in 2022 is an innovative venture in the field of life sciences and a hub for innovation in education and research for the life science to provide trained candidates for a sustainable future. The institute offers range of courses related to life sciences, graduate and post graduate programmes in the fields of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Forestry and Plant Science. Our mission is to provide a transformative educational experience that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen fields and prepare them for entering the global workforce, seeking higher education opportunities, and serving within their communities.

The one-day state level lecture workshop BIOSCOPE 2023 was conducted on July 15 2023 at MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies, Pappinisseri. Bioscope 2023 focused on latest advancements and exciting opportunities available in the rapidly evolving field of life sciences. The main aim of this workshop was to bring together leading academicians, researchers and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outputs on all aspects of life sciences. It was also meant to provide a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, opportunities and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the field of life sciences.

The workshop shared information about various emerging trends, cutting edge research and technological advancements in disciplines such as biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry and more. The workshop also offered a platform for participants to exchange ideas, learn from career experts, and explore potential collaborations. The Bioscope 2023 workshop was broadly advertised to attract a diverse assemblage of students representing different academic departments

The programme started at 9.00 am. The Inaugural Session began with a prayer by students of MVR Ayurveda medical College, Parassinikadavu, followed with the welcome address by respected Prof. E.Kunhiraman, Chairman, MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies, Pappinisseri. Honourable chairman shared his thoughts that this workshop will be a platform for the budding students to get exposed to the various new biological perceptions, methodologies, and findings and for the renowned professors to share their knowledge, experience and perspectives. Chairman stressed the importance of Visha Chiklsa Kendram where almost three lakh snake bite cases were treated and saved the lives of common people. He also mentioned the contributions of Dr.B.Prabhakaran, Former chief physician for the development of visha chiklsa.  This was followed by the Presidential Address by Sri. K. V. Sumesh, Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly, Azhikode constituency.

The workshop was inaugurated by Hon. Minister Dr.R. Bindu, Minister of Higher Education and social justice, Govt. of Kerala by lighting the lamp. The minister addressed the gathering and wished MVRILSRS for organizing such an event in a very short time after its establishment and bioscope will definitely contribute to the higher education of Kerala. Minister talked about the challenges in higher education and governments initiatives on budget allocation for higher studies and research. Among the 30 interdisplinary centres established by Kerala government, first centre is planning to establish on Ayurveda. Minister also highlighted programmes like innovation hub and young innovators programmes and offered governments support on all the programmes of the institute.  The chairman presented memento to our Honourable minister as a token of gratitude. Dr. Sruthi. K.P, KSUM Women start up award winner from MVR Ayurveda College was honoured by the Minister for her innovation in Honey bee. The Honourable minister also inaugurated Innovation and incubation centre at MVRILSRS and 24*7 snake bite helpline.

The dignitaries on the dais were Chief Guest, Smt. P. P. Divya, President, Kannur Jilla Panchayath, Guest of Honour, Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair, Professor of Computer Science and Head, Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala, Dr. T. Vanaja, North Zone Director, Regional agricultural research station, Pilicode, Dr. E.K.Radhakrishanan, Business innovation and incubation centre, MG University Kottayam, D. Ismail Olayikkara, Sir Syed College, Thaliparamba, and Mr. Kiran Krishna and Mr. Goutham Mohandas, Englishious Private Limited, Cochin.

Felicitations were given by Smt. K. C. Jisha, President, Kannur Block Panchayath, Smt. N. Sukanya, Syndicate member, Kannur University, Dr. Asharaf.T.P, Principal, Keyi Sahib Training College and Syndicate member, Kannur University, Dr. Pramod Kumar.A.V, Syndicate Member, Kannur University, Smt. Susheela. A.V, President, Pappinisseri Grama Panchayath, Mr. Pradeep Kumar. K, Vice President, Pappinisseri Grama Panchayath, Dr.A.Madhavan, Executive Advisor, MZIONE and Director, Centre for Quality and Food Safety, New Delhi, Mr. Avinash Girija, CEO, MVR Ayurveda, Dr.Muraleedharan.A.K, Principal, MVR Ayurveda Medical College and Mr. K. Narayanan, President, Pappinisseri Service Co-Op Bank.  

On this occasion, memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies and other institutions. The MoU will identify the potential areas of life science research and innovation to explore cooperation, convergence, and synergy and further application into the public community. MoU signed by Dr. T. Vanaja, North Zone Director, Regional agricultural research station, Pilicode and Prof. E.Kunhiraman, Chairman, MVR Institutions have agreed  to jointly to undertake R&D activities, concepts and products. Also collaborative research programs of common interest will be developed in the future. MoU signed with Dr. Radhakrishnan. E.K, Business innovation and incubation centre, MG University Kottayam and Dr. Dileepkumar. R, Chief Scientific Officer, MVR group of Institutions for work together towards give impetus to Innovations & technology transfer. The MoU opens doors for innovative joint research opportunities in areas of mutual interest. MoU signed with Dr. ismail Olayikkara, Sir Syed College, Thaliparamba and Dr.Geethanandan.K, Principal, MVRILSRS for working together with mutual collaboration to give each other’s strengths in faculty development programme, student development programme, institutional capacity building and research etc. The MoU was also signed with Englishious Private Limited (English Learning Academy). During the programme announced the MoU to be signed with GLA University, Mathura and Manipal University.  

 Inaugural ceremony-Photo

Opening remarks and introduction of the programme was given by Dr. Dileepkumar. R, Chief Scientific Officer, MVR group of Institutions and Head, Department of Biotechnology, MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies. The workshop was attended by about 150 participants, comprising mainly of students from neighbouring colleges and schools. The workshop participants included undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students and early career and established scientists. The event brought together—plus students, research scholars, members of faculty and key officials to discuss the recent advances in life sciences with focus on career opportunities.

Summary/list of participants in the Bioscope 2023

After the inaugural function the workshop was started comprised of four academic sessions. The sessions were very interactive and roused great interest in the students. The speakers represented universities and research institutions from Kerala.  Each speaker was given 30 minutes for the presentation, which was followed by question and answer session. The workshop was structured to foster discussion between participants.

The morning session was promptly started with a talk on ‘Data Driven Biology by Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair, Professor of Computer Science and Head, Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala. The effectiveness of a talk always depends on the content, the manner of delivery and the value it provides to the listeners. Dr Achuthsankar S. Nair’s talk was a realistic exemplification of this.  He discussed the role of Big Data in Biology and how it is transforming the landscape of scientific research. From unravelling the complexities of genes, DNA, and proteins to harnessing large datasets with advanced technologies, the talk promises to be an eye-opening experience. He mentioned the power of data is revolutionizing biological research. The uniqueness of the presentation was also evident in the very simple but charming slide designs drawn from ordinary life situations.

The session on ‘Democratising Innovation for National Development” by DR. Radhakrishanan.E.K was especially of great benefit to students of life sciences and opened to them as an interesting avenue for research.

After a short lunch break the afternoon session started, with the speech done by Dr. Deepak Roshan, Associate Professor, Division Cancer genetics and Division of molecular genetics, Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery. He unfolded the challenges in Cancer Research and how biotechnology applications are to revolutionise research in cancer. He also emphasized the need to develop cost effective cancer drugs and treatment strategies.

The next presenter was Prof.Dr. Anup Kumar Kesavan, Professor and Head, Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology, Kannur University.  He spoke on ‘career opportunities and the applications of life science in daily life to highly technological ones.

All the experts were felicitated by Prof.E. Kunhiraman, Chairman, MVR Group of institutions.

The  Bioscope 2023 workshop on “emerging trends and opportunities in life sciences” was organized to make aware of the recent trends in biological research, to motivate the students to take up a career in academic research and to sensitize the participants about the areas in new biology that require innovative and technological development. It was a dynamic and exciting event that helped students gets clearer idea of their future academic perspectives.

The BIOSCOPE workshop showcased key science opportunities and roles at various fields, featuring panels of professors and scientists currently in top positions. Participants got a detailed overview of key science roles and opportunities and learned how to navigate their careers accordingly as well as participated in interactive session. Workshop participants broadened their networks outside their organization and left with resources, allowing them to be more intentional with their career trajectory. Feedback from students was requested at the end of the workshops. All participants stated that attending the workshop was a useful or valuable experience for them, and that they would recommend that their colleagues attend future workshops. Most participants rated high value of the professionalism and effectiveness of the resource persons.

The programme wrapped up around 4:30 pm and ended with a valedictory session. The final speech in the session was delivered by Dr. Dileepkumar. R, Chief Scientific Officer, MVR group of Institutions and Head, Department of Biotechnology, MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies. He talked about the success of this workshop and how it fulfilled our aim of bringing quality scientific education to students from various academic backgrounds. A few delegates also gave a feedback on the workshop. The chairman presented memento and certificates to all the resource persons of the workshop as a token of gratitude. The chairman also announced that the workshop Bioscope will continue in the coming years. Participants were advised to maintain contact with the resource persons for future advice for consultation. The session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Geethanandan .K, Principal, MVR Institute of Life Science and Research Studies.

MVR Institutions also felt that the workshop was a grand success. Overall, all participants had very positive feedback about the workshop and were appreciative of the opportunity to learn in a short workshop setting. This workshop supported students who were yet to discover and develop innovation, and assisted them in identifying their specific areas of interest in the field of life sciences. This might only be the starting point but with hard work will generate new knowledge to extend students technical output. It was a great experience for our team and we look forward to more opportunities for organizing such workshops/conferences/seminars that benefit the university and our community.

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