Centre for Toxicovigilance and Drug Safety, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, (Manipal University) in Association with Griffith University, Australia collaboratively initiated one month Toxicology Training program at Manipal. As a part of their program a group of researchers from Griffith University, Australia, visited Parassinikkadav Sanke Park on 28-01-2023 along with three other students from Manipal University. Mr. Muhammed Rashid, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal, Mr. Daniel A Vaz, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal. Ms. Niharika, Pharm.D, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal. The students from Griffith University were Ms. Sarah Jackson, Ms. Lilli
Rose James, and Ms. Baillie Michelle Murray. The program coordinators are Dr. Girish Thunga, Centre for Toxicovigilance and Drug Safety, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Dr. Sohil Khan, Higher Degree Research (HDR) Program Convenor, Faculty –
Pharmaco therapeutics and Evidence-Based Practice, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus4222, Queensland, Australia. During their visit to Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, Director Prof E.
Kunhiraman welcomed them with a bouquet and had a discussion on toxicology research and future tie up with these Universities. Snake Park Curator Ms. Divya Dinesan, Zoo Instructor Mr. Riyaz Managad, and Chief Supervisor Mr. Sudhakaran T. V guided the team and explained about Snakes and snake bite treatment. Dr. Dileep Kumar, the research coordinator detailed the mode of action of snake venom.In the afternoon session, they visited MVR Ayurveda Medical College Pharmacy, Rasashala, Pappinissery Visha chikilsa Kendra, and MVR Life Science and Research studies. The faculty members and PG doctors, Dr. Anagha, Dr.Anjali, and Dr.Hima at Agatha Thandra department explained the approach and plant-based anti-snake venom treatment following the age-old Visha chikilsa Kendra. The research students were happy with the information and new experience obtained from Visha chikilsa Kendra in the field of snake and other envenomation.

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